We are delighted to announce that the Clenergy EV Network now has 10,000 unique users from across the UK and in Ireland. This includes drivers that use private charge points at company premises and public charge stations managed by Clenergy EV and our partner companies.

Thank you so much to our users and clients for believing in the power of Electric Vehicles. We're happy to continue powering the emobility revolution with new and innovative tools in the new year, to help companies of all sizes transition to electric.

To continue to support our EV Driver network, we are committed to:

  • Rolling out new publicly available chargers across the UK, with the additional chargers in Carmarthenshire and Swansea City in Wales, planned in early 2022
  • Adding charge points on commercial premises for our new company clients
  • Adding features, like adding your registration details to your account so it automatically pulls your vehicle details
  • Updating our EV Drivers Guide and FAQs to help anyone who is transitioning to an electric vehicle


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