If you're at a Clenergy EV charge point across our UK Charge Point Network, you can now start a charge without signing up for our charging app or without creating an account with us.


You can visit our guest check out page by entering visiting the Clenergy EV guest check out web page. This page can be accessed from you phone web browser, on either Apple or Android devices. It means you will not need to download a new charging application when on the road if you are in a rush, or simply want to save data on your mobile device.


To read more detail on the process, please visit our EV Charging Guide and Help Section, and navigate to How Do I Use Guest Check Out?


We'd still recommend signing up with an account with us if you have the chance. It means you can view previous charges and receipts, see realtime charge data and top-up your EV charge account or future use. But now EV drivers have the flexibility to choose what suits them best.